Harvest Christian Academy


Harvest Christian Academy is a state and nationally accredited, inter-denominational Christian school dedicated to the scriptural princple of unity in Christ. Our goal is to provide a traditional education in a Christian atmosphere. We affrim and teach only primary doctrines of the Christian faith as found in both the Old and New testaments. Harvest Christian Academy in not a ministry of any particular denomination or local congregation. We exist to provide the community with an alternative education founded upon a Christian world view and academic excellence.
We believe Harvest provides our children with a very good academic education in a Christ centered atmosphere. We teach all subjects as part of an intergrated whole and provide clear models of scriptural discipleship through our teaching staff, adminstrative staff, and school board. HCA emphasizes time tested, proven approaches to learning and encourages every student to develop a love for learning and to live up to his or her potential. We provide an orderly atmosphere conducive to the attainment of these goals.
We are convinced that the Bible is God's Word from Genesis through the Revelation. We teach our students that absolute truth exists and that the Bible is completely true. We believe that it is necessary for them to have full confidence in everything God says including clear scriptural teaching of a six day creation some six thousand years ago, the occurrence of a world wide flood, that a sinful nature exists within each one of us and freedom from that nature is found only through a new birth in Christ.
Please pray earnestly for Harvest Christian Academy to be all that God plans for it to be and that we will be used to reach the families in our communties with the Gospel.