Tuition Information


Tuition Policy and Fees

Tuition rates are as follows:
  • One Student - $3,300/year or $275/month (12 payments), $330/month (10 payments), etc.
  • Two Students - $5,520/year or $460/month (12 payments), $552/month (10 payments), etc.
  • Three Students - $7,200/year or $600/month (12 payments), $720/month (10 payments), etc.
  • No additional cost for fourth student.
Other fees:
  • Curriculum fee of $150 per student for Kindergarten through 5th grade. The fee is due each year by July 1st.
  • Enrollment fee of $50. It is a one time, non-refundable fee per family.
  • Standardized testing fee of $25 per student due in January each year.
Tuition accounts can be paid in 12 monthly installments. For this option, payments would begin in July and continue through June (of the folllowing year). Tuition bills can be paid in fewer installments. All tuition accounts must be paid in full by June of the curent school year. All tuition payments are due on the first day of each month. There will be a $25 late charge on all payments received after the 15th of each month. If a problem arises concerning payment of tuition, parents are asked to notify the school office and work out a suitable arrangement. If payments become more than two (2) months delinquent, the parents may be asked to withdraw their student(s).
Harvest Christian Academy assumes no responsibility for monies sent to the school in care of student(s). Payments should be made in person or mailed to:
Harvest Christian Acadmey
P.O. Box 398 
South Portsmouth, KY 41174
All tuition payments and fees are non-refundable and non-transferable, except in the case of a student withdrawing where full annual payment has already been made, then the tuition refund will be pro-rated. Report cards and school records will not be released until all school fees, tuition, and other school obligations have been met.